Control panel

Control panel allows to manage users, objects and most software settings. You are free to add/edit users, change user privileges, add/edit objects, set object expiration dates, change server name/logo, set billing and e-mail settings.

After login to Control panel you will see user list page. It allows to add/edit users, view user activity.

edit - change object settings.
remove - permanently removes object.
login as user - directly login to user account.

To process multiple entries do next:

  • Mark entries by clicking checkbox on the left.
  • Proceed action in action menu located at the bottom of settings window.
  • Choose optionĀ  Activate, Deactivate, Set expiration, Import or Delete.
  • Confirm action which will be applied to all selected entries.

Objects can be imported using CSV file. To import objects, do next:

  • Press action menu button located at the bottom of window.
  • Choose option Import.
  • Choose CSV file and confirm action.

CSV example:

Mass mail

Mass mail feature allows to send e-mail messages to particular or all users.

To send e-mail to multiple users do next:

  • In object list top right corner (near search field) pressĀ  Send e-mail.
  • Send e-mail windows will appear.