Frequently asked questions - user

Note: document contents may change due to software changes or updates without any notice.

1. How can I use tracking software with my language?

If your language is not listed in language selection box, you can download our software English language file and translate them using text editor. Send us translated files and we will add your language.

English language file can be downloaded here.

2. If I press SOS button, will any sound signal appear on PC?

Yes, you will hear alarm sound signal.

3. Can I add more than one e-mail to event?

Yes, you can. Simply split them with comma.

4. How big is location packet that GPS device is sending to server?

It depends on set intervals and what kind of device you are using, usually it’s from 50 to 150 bytes per location packet.

5. Can I connect camera to my GPS device and view it on server?

Currently our server doesn’t support video streaming. Keep in mind that most of GPS trackers don’t support video streaming, also GPRS traffic would grow rapidly.

6. Why I don’t see Administrator panel when I use your server?

To have access to administrator panel you must order hosted software or purchase server software and run own server.

7. Can I show on my website map from your server so my customers can see how cars are moving?

No, we do not allow this to avoid high traffic and lots of connections.

8. Can I use your tracking software on my mobile phone?

Yes, here is link to mobile version:

9. I have GPS tracker, which is not listed in your supported devices list, what should I do?

You need to request communication protocol documentation from device manufacturer and send it to us, we will develop communication protocol for it.

10. When I add new device for trial I receive "Inactive Object" error message, why?

This may happen when you are trying to add object with expired trial for second time. To make this device work again you need to pay annual fee.