License agreement

This is a legal agreement between Customer and for the use of Server Software. By installing or using any version of Server Software you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

If Customer does not agree to this agreement, Customer may not install or use Server Software.


License Key - means, the specific license file which locks Server Software issued by to Customer using his provided domain name. It is not allowed to change domain name later.

License Fee - means the applicable fee for which Customer licenses the Licensed Software.

Server Software - means the specific software licensed to Customer under the terms of this Agreement (as specified in the License and License Key issued to Customer). Does not include any Updates.

Update - means a revision or patch that improves the functionality of Server Software, and may contain new features or enhancements.

Server Software license shall issue Customer a lifetime License Key via e-mail that sets forth the specific Server Software. grants to Customer a non-assignable, nontransferable license, without the right to sub-license. Customer may install and run only one (1) copy of Server Software using one (1) logo and one (1) domain at the same time. Additional installations require additional License Key purchases.

Documentation license

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, grants to Customer a non-assignable, nontransferable license, without the right to sub-license, to use the Documentation in connection with Customer’s authorized use of Server Software. Customer may not reproduce or distribute the Documentation in any manner, whether physically or electronically, without the express written permission of Entity Customer may access Documentation available on website.

Language files license

Server Software is provided with all available language files.


Server Software and source codes belongs to Source code parts which are provided with Server Software can be modified by Customer and used on his server. Server Software files and source codes can‘t be sold, distributed, reproduced or transferred to any third party.

Technical support agrees to provide Customer with technical support services which include periodic distribution of bug fixes and minor enhancements as Updates. Technical support e-mail inquiries are accepted at any time and will be answered during normal business hours. will attempt to respond to inquiries within 12 hours for requests from Monday to Friday and for requests received during the weekend, we will respond within 24 hours or the following Monday.


To receive and use an Update, Customer must pay the applicable fees for that Update.

Payment and delivery

Customer licenses Server Software from The applicable License Fee is specified on the specific price proposal. The payment terms and conditions for the License Fee payable to are specified on the invoice. Server Software is delivered via e-mail by download link and installed for free on Customer server using remote desktop access during 24 hours after payment is received. Refunds are not possible.

Changes may change this agreement at any time for any reason by posting the modified agreement on website.