Software update steps

  1. Make sure you are running at least Windows OS 7 and NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher version.
  2. Extract delivered software update package.
  3. Stop "GPS-server" service.
  4. Make backup of software MySQL database.
  5. Let's say your software is installed at "YOUR_DOMAIN/track".
  6. Rename old "track" folder to "track_old".
  7. Create new folder "track" for new version files.
  8. Copy new version files to "track" folder.
  9. Apply old "track_old/config.php" settings to new "track/config.php".
  10. Apply old "track_old/config.custom.php" settings to new "track/config.custom.php".
  11. If "db.sql" file exists in "YOUR_DOMAIN/track/update" folder, then run that file via phpMyAdmin SQL query to add extra database tables.
  12. Open web browser and run all update scripts from "YOUR_DOMAIN/track/update" folder in ascending order. Some update scripts may take more time to execute.
  13. Copy new "gs" folder files on top of old files in "c:\gs" folder.
  14. Start "GPS-server" service.