1. Travel route incorrectly displayed and looks like a mess of lines, how to solve this?

It might be caused by incorrect time zone settings.

All GPS devices must send data in 0 UTC timezone (except mobile devices using GPS Tracker application).

  1. Set 0 UTC timezone on GPS device side (see GPS device manual).
  2. Set 0 UTC timezone in GPS device accuracy settings.
  3. Set correct timezone in account settings.
  4. Clear object history.

2. Sudden jumps appear in route, why it happens?

It is caused by weak GPS signal. Make sure that device GPS antenna has good reception.

Example of how those jumps might look:

3. Straight lines in route

Straight line means that in particular point device was offline. During offline period, coordinates were not saved, due to data loss, you will see straight line from point where signal was lost till next point were connection was established again.


4. How to connect temperature, fuel or any other sensor?

As soon as you connect device to server, all available sensor parameters will be automatically detected by the system. To complete sensor configuration, go to:

5. I host software in my own server, how to check if device sends data to server?

If server receives data on particular port it will be stored in "c:\gs\logs".

6. Notification: Can't send e-mail. Contact administrator. What should you do?

Notification appears if you didn't configure e-mail server or configuration was done incorrectly. Example on how to set it up available here.

7. How properly make software backup?

We recommend to make backup at least 2 times a weak.

To begin process, connect to remote server via Remote desktop (RDP) and create folder where backup will take place. All backup folders should be marked with dates (Backup 2017-01-01).

Full software backup consists of three steps:

  1. Copy "c:\gs" folder content to your created backup folder.
  2. Copy web application folder content to your created backup folder. Web application location can be: "c:\inetpub\vhosts", "c:\wamp\www" or other location where it was installed.
  3. Now it is time to create database backup. Daily backup which is being sent to your email (if you set it up in Control panel) includes all user data, settings, etc... except location history. Before you start backup process, make sure that server has enough disk space. To make full database backup including history you should do next:
    • In Windows environment run Command Prompt (cmd).
    • Change root where dump will be created. Type cd and location of MySQL bin folder. Example: "cd c:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.12\bin", press enter.
    • Enter command to start dump process: mysqldump --single-transaction -p -u mysql_user database_name > database_name.sql, all details are located in web_application_folder\config.php. After you properly set command, press enter.
    • In next line you will be asked to enter MySQL password, press Enter when done. All details are located in "WEB_APPLICATION_FOLDER\config.php" file.
    • Process might take from couple of minutes to several hours, depends on how big database is.
    • After process is complete, new empty line in Command prompt windows will appear, windows can be closed now.
    • Put database.sql file to your backup folder.
    • Put backup contents to safe place (in different server) so you can restore it any time. To save disk space put contents to ZIP file.

8. Scheduled reports doesn't work.

Main reason why scheduled reports might stop working is due to hardware key mismatch. Make sure that hardware key matches in "c:\gs\gps-server.exe" application and "config.php" file. Mismatch appears if hardware was changed or software was reinstalled.

9. Mobile app gives error: Wrong server url or server is not responding.

Main reason why error appears and doesn't allow to use your server url is because gsurl.key file can't be accessed via url like: Make sure that file is located in web application folder. If Microsoft IIS is used, .key file extension must be added to MIME types.

10. SMS gateway doesn't work.

SMS gateway can be configured to work globally for all server accounts or each account owner can setup his own, independent SMS gateway using Android SMS gateway app or external SMS service.

If global SMS gateway doesn't work, follow steps to eliminate problem:

  1. Make sure SMS gateway is enabled in Control panel.
  2. Edit user account in Control panel and make sure Server SMS gateway is enabled.
  3. Login to user account and make sure SMS gateway is disabled.
  4. If SMS gateway app is used, you should check following:
    a. Make sure correct server address is used in app settings.
    b. Make sure number filter value is the same in application, user account and events (Number filter - if set for example to +370 it will allow to send SMS messages to numbers which start with country code +370):

11. Devices doesn't connect to my self-hosted server.

Main reason why there is no connection between device and server is PORT blockage.

  • Check your server PORT availability using PORT check tools.
  • All device PORT's listed here. PORT blockage might come from Windows firewall or network configuration.

If PORT's are open, but still no connection (even demo objects are not moving), then check if protocol listener is running.

12. How to configure billing?

Software has billing feature, which allows for account owners to order plan and activate objects. Funds can be collected using PayPal or other payment gateway. After customer orders particular plan, it will be automatically assigned to account for further use and administrator will get notification about received payment.

Example below explains how to configure billing with PayPal payment system:

  1. Visit Control panel, Manage server, Billing.
  2. Enable billing.
  3. Choose Gateway: PayPal.
  4. Currency: set currency (make sure it is accepted by payment gateway provider).
  5. PayPal account: enter you PayPal account email.
  6. PayPal custom: enter any identifier like PP1.
  7. PayPal IPN URL:

Next step is to login to PayPal account and do next:

  1. Visit Profile, My selling tools.
  2. In the list find instant payment notifications and press update.
  3. In Instant Payment Notification (IPN) page enter notification URL ( and enable message delivery.


13. Email messages can't be delivered.

If email server is set correctly, but you email messages can't be delivered to recipient, make sure you set working no-reply email in Control panel. If no-reply email address doesn't really exist, then email sending won't work in some servers.

14. How to get Google Maps key

  1. Visit
  2. In top right corner press Console
  3. Login with your Gmail account or create new
  4. Create new project
  5. Press Enable APIs and services
  6. Select Maps JavaScript API
  7. Press enable
  8. Visit Credentials tab, press Create credentials and select API key
  9. In dialog you will see your Google maps key

15. Incorrect hardware key message in GPS-server.exe program

Incorrect hardware key message might appear due to reasons below:
  1. Hardware key must match in GPS-server.exe program and config.php file of GPS server web application, otherwise incorrect hardware key message will appear.
  2. Config.php file encoding includes BOM (byte order mark), it must be eliminated by saving file using ANSI encoding, or use editor which allows to save file using UTF-8 without BOM encoding (Notepad++ editor).

16. Teltonika device configuration example

Teltonika devices are feature rich and give very accurate route, but at first it might be a bit tricky to find proper configuration. Always study device manual and Teltonika Wiki page.

Configuration example in 3 main sections:



Data acquisition

17. How to enable push notifications?

What are push notifications?

Push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. Users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed app.

Push notifications are currently compatible only with Android devices.

How to start using push notifications?

While creating event in GPS-server account, enable push notifications feature in notifications section:

Next step is to enable puch notifications in GPS Server Mobile app: