Tasks allows to create entries related to upcoming work which should be done. Set start and end address, priority, task status. Useful feature to manage important tasks.

To access tasks, press Tasks button in top panel.

To process multiple entries do next:

  • Mark entries by clicking checkbox on the left.
  • Proceed action in action menu located at the bottom of settings window.
  • Choose option Import, Export or Delete.
  • Confirm action which will be applied to all selected entries.

To add task do next:

  1. In left bottom corner press button.
  2. Task properties window will appear.


  • Name - new record (task) name.
  • Object - object which will be related to this task.
  • Priority - priority type can be used to better organize important tasks.
  • Status - task status.
  • Description - additional information related to this task.

Route start

  • Address - start address where task begins.
  • From/To - date and time interval when task should be started.

Route end

  • Address - end address where task ends.
  • From/To - date and time interval when task should be ended.

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