Billing plans

The Billing section enables administrator to assign purchased plans to user account, which can then be used to activate objects. In other words, once a plan is purchased and assigned to the user's account through the Billing section, they will be able to use the plan to activate the desired objects.


  • Time - date and time when the plan was added to the user's account.

  • Name - name of the plan.

  • Objects - number of objects that can be activated.

  • Period - time period for which this plan can be activated.

  • Price - price of the plan.

  • edit - allows to edit the plan.

  • remove3 - removes the plan from the user's account.

  • plus - allows to add the plan to the user's account.

  • refresh - reloads billing plan list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • remove3 - delete selected billing plans.