Sub accounts

This specific section allows Administrator to manage sub-accounts created in user account.


  • Username - the username of the Sub-account.

  • E-mail - the email of the Sub-account.

  • Password - allows administrator to change password of the Sub-account.

  • Active - indicates that the Sub-account is active or deactivated.

  • IP - displays the IP address from which connection to Sub-account was made.

  • save - saves the changes made to Sub-account.

  • remove3 - removes the Sub-account from the server.

  • refresh - updates the Sub-account list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • tick - activates selected sub-accounts.

    • remove - deactivates selected sub-accounts.

    • remove3 -deletes selected sub-accounts.

Please note!

Creation of a sub-account is restricted solely to the user account and cannot be initiated within the Control Panel.