DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

To access the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) menu, press dtc button in Top panel.


Diagnostic Trouble Codes enables the display of trouble codes received via OBD compatible devices.


  • Object - select the object or objects for which DTC records are to be displayed.

  • Filter - quick selection of the period for which DTC entries should be displayed.

  • Time from/Time to - precise way to specify the period for DTC records are to be displayed.

  • Time - date and time when the DTC record was generated.

  • Object - object name for which DTC record was generated.

  • Code - diagnostic trouble codes received from the tracking device.

  • Position - topographic coordinates and address of the place where DTC record was generated.

  • remove - permanently removes DTC record.

  • refresh - reloads logbook DTC records list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • remove - permanently removes all selected DTC records.