In this section you can send SMS commands to the tracking devices to perform certain actions.


  • Object - select object or objects for which the GPRS command is to be sent.

  • Template - select the default command template or a custom template previously created by the user.

  • Command - in this field user can enter SMS command or selected template command will be displayed.

  • Time - time and date when the command was sent.

  • Object - name of the object for which command was sent.

  • Name - name of the command that was sent to the tracking device.

  • Command - body of the command sent to the tracking device.

  • Status - indicates command that eas sent to device status: Sending or Delivered.

  • remove - permanently removes sent command from list.

  • refresh - reloads sent commands list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • remove - permanently removes all selected sent commands records.

Please note!

To use this function, the SMS gateway must be configured.