This section allows adding of passengers which can be detected with RFID/iButton. The passengers section purpose is to collect information about passengers. Driver information can be seen in the object details panel (note: object details panel only appears if the Objects, Events, or History tab is selected in the left panel.). Passenger name is available in reports. To use this feature Passenger assign sensor must be configured.

Object passengers can be configured to get information about passenger changes (GPS device must be configured with iButton.


  • Search - allows to find passenger record by the name.

  • Name - name of the passenger.

  • ID number - passenger ID number.

  • Description - short description of the passenger record.

  • edit - opens Object passenger properties menu.

  • remove3 - permanently removes passenger record.

  • plus - allows to add new passenger record.

  • refresh - reloads passengers list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • import - allows to import previously exported passenger records.

    • export - allows to export passenger records.

    • remove3 - deletes all selected passenger records.

Object passenger properties

After clicking on plus button, Object driver properties window will upper which allows to create new driver record.


  • Name - enter new driver name.

  • RFID, iButton, Blue ID - enter RFID, iButton or Blue ID codes, this is required for Auto assign drivers.

  • ID number - drivers ID number.

  • Address - drivers address.

  • Phone - drivers phone number.

  • E-mail - drivers e-mail.

  • Description - short description of the drivers record.

  • Upload - add picture of driver to driver's record.

  • Delete - remove picture of driver from driver's record.