Sub accounts

The Subaccounts feature allows you to create user subaccounts with limited privileges and assign only certain objects and zones. Subaccount users cannot add new objects or create new subaccounts.


  • Username - sub account username.

  • E-mail - sub account username.

  • Active - indicates whether the account is active or deactivated.

  • Objects - number of objects assigned to sub account.

  • Places - number of Markers, Routes and Zones assigned to sub account.

  • edit - opens sub account properties menu.

  • erase - deletes sub account.

  • plus - opens the menu for creating a new subaccount.

  • refresh - updates the sub accounts list.

  • action - opens the action menu:

    • erase - deletes selected sub accounts.

Sub account properties

After pressing the plus button, the empty Sub account properties window is displayed.


Sub account
  • Active - activates or deactivates the sub account.

  • Username - set sub account username.

  • E-mail - set the e-mail that will be used to login to sub account.

  • Password - set password for sub account.

  • Send credentials - choose whether or not to send an email with the sub-account credentials.

  • Expire on - specify whether the account is permanent or temporary and when it expires. On the due date, the sub account becomes inactive.

  • Objects - select objects that are allowed to monitor the subaccount.

  • Markers - select markers that are allowed for subaccount monitoring.

  • Routes - select routes allowed for sub-account monitoring.

  • Zones - select zones that are allowed to be monitored for the sub-account.

  • Check box panel - allows to enable or disable access for sub account to such features:

    • Setting

    • Dashboard

    • History

    • Reports

    • Tasks

    • RFID and iButton logbook

    • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

    • Maintenance

    • Expenses

    • Object control

    • Image gallery

    • Video gallery

    • Chat

Access via URL
  • Active - activates or deactivates access to sub account via URL.

  • URL desktop - internet link which allows to connect to sub account desktop version.

  • URL mobile - internet link which allows to connect to sub account mobile version.