To access the Report menu, press report button in Top panel.


Reports allows users to compile all available information about object activity for the selected time period.


  • Name - name of the report.

  • Type - type of the report.

  • Format - shows in which format report is generated HTML, PDF or XLS.

  • Objects - number of objects for which report will be generated.

  • Markers - number of markers used in report.

  • Zones - number of zones used in report.

  • Sensors - number of sensors used in report.

  • Daily - specifies whether the report should be sent daily by e-mail.

  • Weekly - specifies whether the report should be sent weekly by e-mail.

  • action - enables instant report generation for a given period of time.

  • edit - opens report edit menu.

  • remove - permanently removes report.

  • plus - allows to add new report.

  • refresh - reloads report list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • remove - permanently removes all selected reports.