In the Routes section, user can create routes and use them to receive notifications about inputs and outputs. This function allows you to monitor the dependence of objects on the route.


  • Search - finds route in the routes list by route name.

  • refresh-color - updates the status of routes in the list.

  • route-add - allows to add a new route to a routes list.

  • groups - specifies the group name to which routes are added and allows merging groups for easier use. By default, objects that are not added to a group are marked as Not grouped.

  • import - allows to import previously saved routes or from prepared CSV file. Example file can be downloaded here.

  • export - allows to export created routes for later usage.

  • remove2 - delete all routes from the routes list.

  • eye - enables/disables visibility of the route on the map.

  • Color - indicates icon of the route that wil be displayed on the map.

  • Name - name of the route.

  • edit - opens route edit menu.

  • remove3 - permanently removes route from list.

Route properties

To add a new route to the map, press the route-add icon in the routes tab. Route properties window will appear.


  • Name - name of the route.

  • Group - select the routes group to which route will be added.

  • Color - color in which route will be displayed on the map.

  • Route visible - enable/disable route visibility on the map.

  • Name visible - enable/disable route name visibility on the map.

  • Deviation (km) - set the the deviation from the route after which software will indicate that object has left the route.


To draw route on the map:
  • Mouse click on map will add route point.

  • Double click will add last point.

  • Drag points to modify route. Move mouse cursor onto point and press "Del" key on keyboard to remove it.

  • Save changes.

Please note!

Existing object history points can be exported as a route that can be imported into Places/Routes.