Branding and UI

The Branding and UI (user interface) section facilitates the modification of several visual elements such as server name, logo, favicon, login page background image, and the creation of custom presets featuring various design colors.



  • GPS server name - set the serve name which will be visible to the users.

  • Show version in the title - enable or disables GPS-server software version indication.

  • Show about button - enable or disables About button in user workspace.

  • Show help page button - enable or disables Help button in user workspace.


Administrator can personalize GPS-server software by uploading logos, icon and login page background image.


Themes enable administrator to extensively customize the appearance of GPS-server software.

  • refresh - reload the themes list.

  • theme - opens theme creation menu.

  • remove2 - permanently removes all existing themes.

  • Name - name of the theme.

  • Active - indicates if the theme is active or deactivated.

  • edit - allows to edit theme.

  • remove3 - removes theme from GPS-server software.

Theme properties

To crete new theme click theme button.

Theme properties window will appear.