The Server section encompasses fundamental software details.



  • Server IP - IP address to which tracking devices need to be connected.


  • Server API key - API key of that needs to be used in Server API commands.

  • Reset Server API key - generate new Server API key

  • Restrict server API access by IP, for multiple separate by comma - set IP addresses from which sending API commands will not possible.

  • API documentation (user, server, webhook, protocol) - allows to download API and webhook documentation.

URL addresses

  • administrator can enter informational web addresses which will be available for users.


  • Object connection timeout, resets connection and GPS status - sets the time after the last connection during which the object is considered online. For example, if the tracking device sends a packet every 3 minutes and this setting is set to 1 minute, the object will show as offline for 2 minutes. We recommend leaving "Object connection timeout" at the default value of 5 minutes.

  • Keep history period (days) - displays number of days for which history is stored on server.