This section enables the management of user objects, including extension of expiration dates, setting average dates, and viewing last connection time and status.


  • Name - The name of the objects.

  • IMEI - IMEI or ID numbers of objects tracking devices.

  • Active - indicates whether objects are active or deactivated.

  • Expires on - shows object expiration date.

  • Last connection - shows last connection time of objects.

  • Status - displays status of objects:

    • connection-gsm-gps - the device is not receiving GPS and GPRS signals.

    • connection-gsm - the device is not receiving a GPS signal.

    • connection-no - the device is receiving GPS and GPRS signals.

  • erase - allows to clear object history.

  • remove3 - delete object from server.

  • plus - allows to add object to user account.

  • refresh - reload object list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • tick - activate selected objects.

    • remove - deactivate selected objects.

    • time - allows to set expiration date for selected objects.

    • erase - allows to clear all objects history.

    • import - allows to add object to user account using CSV file.

    • remove3 - delete selected object from user account.