The settings menu allows users to configure various settings for the GPS server mobile application.


  • Push notifications - Enables push notification reception.

  • Map - GPS-server mobile application Map settings.

    • Map startup position - Specifies how the map will be displayed.

      • Default - Displays the entire map of the world.

      • Remember last - Opens the map at the last position viewed.

      • Fit objects - Adjusts the map to fit all objects displayed.

    • Map icon size - Allows to change object icon, marker and event icon size.

  • Object list - Specifies the information to be displayed next to objects in the object list.

    • Time (position) - Date and Time when the message from tracking device was sent.

    • Time (server) - Date and Time when the message was received on the server.

    • Status - Provides the current status of the object.

  • Data list - Enables to turn on/off what information and which widgets will be displayed in the Data list.

  • Other - Additional GPS-server mobile application settings.

    • Startup tab - Allows the user to set the default tab to open when the application starts.

    • Language - Select the language of the application.

    • Units of distance - Set the distance units: kilometer, mile or nautical mile.

    • Units of capacity - Set the units for the capacity: liter or gallon.

    • Unit of temperature - Set the temperature units: Celsius or Fahrenheit.

    • Time zone - Set timezone for the account in UTC format.

    • Daylight saving time (DST) - Set the time at which the clock is automatically advanced by one hour during the summer months.

    • Change password - Allows to change account password.