By default after opening Setting menu it opens on Objects tab.

To add new object to the account:

  • Click the plus button.

  • In the Add object window enter Object Name nad IMEI number.


  • Press Save to add Object to the account.


In object list following information can be seen:


  • Name - name of the object.

  • IMEI - IMEI number of the object.

  • Group - shows group to which object is added.

  • Active - indicates status of the object:

    • tick_green - icon shows that object is activated.

    • red_x - icon shows that object is deactivated.

  • Expires on - indicates the end of the object's activation period.

  • edit - Opens Object edit menu.

  • copy - Creates object copy with the same details except name and IMEI.

  • erase - removes object history and events entries.

  • remove - permanently removes object.