GPS Server Mobile

This is the mobile client for a GPS-server tracking application. It provides a simplified user interface to display important information, receive notifications of important events and control devices remotely. To use this application, you need either a personal account or access to hosted software.


Form the main panel user have access to following application sections:

  • Dashboard - Provides a brief overview of object information.

  • Map - Allows for the viewing of object locations.

  • Objects - Lists objects added to the user account.

  • Events - Lists events generated in the account within the last 12 hours.

  • Places - Provides lists of Markers, Routes, and Zones created in the user account.

  • History - Gives a full overview of object-related information.

  • Reports - Allows users to compile available object information for the chosen time frame.

  • Object control - Enables sending GPRS and SMS commands to tracking devices.

  • Image gallery - Users can view images received from tracking devices.

  • Video gallery - Users can view videos received from tracking devices.

  • Settings - Enables adjustment of mobile application settings.