This section allows to block the connection of unwanted devices to hosted server account.



  • Enable firewall - enables or disables the firewall.

  • Same IP ban - prevents several tracking devices from using same IP to send information.

  • Protocol and port mismatch ban - device is blocked if device suddenly changes protocol and port.

Banned IP addresses

  • refresh-color - reload banned IP list.

  • ip_add - add IP address to banned IP list.

  • remove2 - remove all IP addresses from banned IP list.

  • IP - banned IP addresses.

  • Reason - short description why IP address was banned.

  • Active - indicates whether IP ban is active or not.

  • Date - date of IP ban.

  • edit - allows to edit IP ban record.

  • remove3 - delete the IP ban record.

Firewall IP properties

To add a new Banned IP address record click on the ip_add icon.

Firewall IP properties window will appear.


  • IP - enter IP addresses that needs to be banned.

  • Reason - short description why IP address needs to be banned.