To access the Settings menu, press settings button in Top panel.


In Setting menu user can add new Objects edit and delete existing ones. Create events, setup SMS gateway, edit use interface and more.

Settings menu is the window where the most of the User account adjustments are done.


Setting menu contains tabs:

  • Objects - menu which contains tabs and allows to adjust various object settings.

  • Events - menu where Events can be created.

  • Templates - menu where Templates for Events email and SMS notifications can be created.

  • KML - allows to upload KML files to be displayed on the map.

  • SMS - menu allows to configure SMS gateway for this user account.

  • User interface - various Personal account adjustments can be set here.

  • My account - allows to enter Contact information, Change password and provides account usage statistics.

  • Sub accounts - feature that allows to provide access to other people for viewing purposes.