This section allows to group objects. This feature is useful managing large amount of objects.


  • Search - allows to find groups by the Group name.

  • Name - group name.

  • Objects - number of objects added to the group.

  • Description - description of the group.

  • edit - opens group edit menu.

  • remove3 - permanently removes group record.

  • plus - allows to add new group.

  • refresh - reloads groups list.

  • action2 - opens action menu.

    • import - allows to import previously exported group records.

    • export - allows to export group records.

    • remove3 - deletes all selected group records.

Object group properties

After clicking on plus button, Object group properties window will appear which allows to create new group.


  • Name - enter new group name.

  • Description - description of new group.

  • Object - select objects the will be added to the group.